#13 手の小指-Little finger


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#13 Little finger

Hello, everyone.

I'm uri, a yoga instructor.

The theme of last article was "the little toe", but I chose similar one, "the little finger". I'll consider the structural relations between the little finger and under arms muscle.


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◻️Are you sure that you can use little finger?

I had been going to the gym in Ginza for six months, which was famous for personal trainer. They help some women who are intend to take part in Miss universe.

I asked the trainer how to make upper arms look well. Then, he advised to me like "Please try to grasp your handbag with little finger strongly."

I did it immediately as he said, I felt that underarms got contracted.


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◻️Which part of muscle for toning the upper arms?

It's much more effective to tone the underarm muscles as well as the upper arms. Then, look at the teres minor muscle around the underarms.

Back to the point, I noticed that "the teres minor muscle" and "the serratus anterior muscle" were toned while grasping especially little finger. (It's just my idea. if wrong in terms of anatomy, let me know that.)



"The teres minor muscle" is under the trapezius muscle, which is grouped in the category of rotator cuff. It sounds hard to tone muscle, doesn't it?


We can move shoulder bone in external rotation(=bend arms at angle of 90° and move the part of arm below elbows outward) and in backward extension(=move them backward).

Do you feel slightly that arm moves outward while grasping the little finger?

It's related to the topic "text neck" which I mentioned before, a lot of people tend to have a bad posture moving their shoulder forward, which means keeping arms internal constantly.

Moreover, we don't have much opportunity to use little fingers because we use the mobile phone or something like that especially by thumbs. That means arms rarely face to external side. (It's just my view. I couldn't find any info about that.)


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For those who were unconscious for little finger so far, let's be careful to use it for each yoga pose. For example, when you stretch fingers straight down or when you grasp the floor by all fingers.

It can activate your muscles which are always calm like the teres minor muscle.


Thank you for reading this all!