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#25 歩行瞑想-Mindfulness


English follows Japanese

(Let me apologize in advance there might be some grammatical mistakes below.)






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日常生活の中で当たり前のように行っている「歩く」という行為に注意を向け、足の感覚を味わってみるのが「歩行瞑想」。これはgoogleの社員研修プログラムSIY(Search Inside Yourself)でも実践されているそうです。




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#25 Mindfulness with walking

English follows Japanese

(Let me apologize in advance there might be some grammatical mistakes below.)

Hello, everyone.

I'm uri, a yoga instructor.

I'm going to talk about "Mindfulness with walking" which has been popular these days.


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"Mindfulness with walking" is a way to get feelings in your feet by paying sensitive attention to that. It's introduced to the employee training program which called SIY in Google.

First of all, make your spines neutral as long as you feel good. Walk as slow as possible and feel how your muscle move, how your feet touch the ground and how they work together.

Feel and express the feelings such as "you're standing with 3 points of sole" and , much more fundamental sense, "you're standing", "you're breathing" and "your body exists."


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"Sati" is a Buddhism term which means keeping things in mind all the time. It's translated "mindfulness" in English.

Get rid of any less important idea from your mind by asking yourself some questions, like "Where the part of your sole is touching to the ground", "How your hip joint is moving" and "All your fingers is touching to the ground"

As you walk longer, you would walk without those feeling and start to think of some other things. If you find yourself so, you should be more attentive to the motion of your body.

Alubomulle Sumanasara who is the master of Sri Lanka Buddhism teachs us how to do that in detail.

People walk so much with looking around or thinking of something. So body and mental exist in each different area.

You can do "mindfulness with walking" with feeling the sense in your feet. Walk with good feeling and moderate speed for describing your motion.

Firstly, make your spines neutral and keep your bust from moving. Then, move your legs with describing this motion. Make sure not to come up with distraction in your mind. You will be able to do it better. It's ideal to try for a hour.

(These are cited from the his book.)

If you're not so good at mindfulness with breathing, you can do it easily. Moreover, you can do it anytime, anywhere you like in your daily life.

It's expected to be an effective treatment for a mental patient.


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Yoga is good for both exercising body and balancing mental by breathing called "Pranayama".

Though yoga is especially needed when you're busy and feel exhausted, If you don't have enough time to do yoga, you can do "mindfulness with walking".